How to Hire a Deck Builder or Contractor

If you wanted to add something on your home, a deck would be a good idea. A well-designed deck provides an outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing. If you don’t have skills on deck building then you better call a deck builder anchorage to build you the best deck for your house. Any deck installation project should be done by these professionals so structural supports and solid footings are done well. The following are the steps to follow to hire the best deck contractor.  

 Deck Builder

  • Plan the Deck 

Before you hire a contractor and help you out with the plans, you should also have visions of the deck first. Before you come in terms with a professional, consider the following components first:  

  • Layout 
  • Coverings and staircases 
  • Number of stories 
  • Railing 
  • Materials 
  • Special features like benches or fire pit 


  • Check Review and Recommendations 

The first thing to do before you hire a professional is to ask for references from neighbors or friends who recently had a deck installed. Ask about who did the installation, how it well and whether they would recommend the builder or not.  

You can also go out in your town and ask local hardware store because most probably they are connected with deck contractors too. They might give you some recommendation about who to hire and their performance. You can check a local website if there’s any. Look for a list of deck builders who are licenses and legitimate.  

  • Interview the Contractors 

After you’ve done researching about the contractors, you can contact them and ask for an interview. By this phase, it’s expected of you to have at least 3 or 4 potential contractors to choose from. The result of the interview will determine who you should hire to do the job. Ask them about the following:    

  • License 
  • Years in the business 
  • Insurance 
  • Name of insurance carrier 
  • Local permitting concerns 
  • Warranty 
  • Availability  
  • Duration of a project 
  • Comfortability with your chosen materials 
  • List of past clients 

These things are important and should be answered well by the contractor.  

  • Written Estimate 

Before you embark on the decision of hiring a deck contractor, you should also be mindful of the budget the project will consume and how much you will be able to afford. From the list of prospects you have, invite at least 2 contractors and ask for a written estimate.  

What should be included in the estimate/ it should have a detailed breakdown of materials and its cost. The labor cost should be separated. If any landscaping work is included, it should also be put in details. Other details like hauling away debris or cleaning up should be included too.  

  • Check Contractor’s References 

In this phase, your list is probably narrowed down into 1 or 2 deck contractors. Allot some time for contacting references and asking them some questions. You should ask about: 

  • Contractor’s quality of work 
  • Professionalism of the contractor 
  • Matching of final price and estimate cost 
  • Project completion 

To be sure, get a certificate of insurance from the insurance carrier of the contractor so you can see them yourself. Be careful with this because there are some companies who forge this kind of document.  

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