Yard Care Tips You Should Do Every Summer

Summer is the best time to do exciting outdoor activities in the sun. Some of the popular things that most of us love to do in the summer include a nice backyard barbecue with your loved ones or a brief football game in front of your yard. If you have a good-looking lawn, it just makes such activities more enjoyable. Making sure that your lawn is maintained over the summer comes a long way for those days of outdoor intimate family time. Below are some of the greatest tips to effectively take care of your lawn this summer according to an expert architecte paysagiste

Giving hydration 

Water is life’s magic elixir. Similar to the human body, our grasses also require water to thrive. Without water, all living things eventually die. Because of that, keep up a regular watering schedule is very important if you want to keep your lawn healthy and lush. The greatest time to consider watering your lawn would be early before 10 in the morning. In this time, your crass needs to be soaked up of enough water down underneath the soil underneath the heat of the sun, which evaporates the moisture. This is sometimes referred to as the sweet spot. Doing it this time in the morning gives a balance where the grass will not be soaked. However, it will get sufficient time to become hydrated from the watering. Hence, you need to refrain from watering your grass late in the evening because they can be prone to diseases that cause fungus if they re left with excessive moisture.  

Giving nutrients 

When it comes to nutrients, you need to know that grass clippings can actually help your grass. Hence, after you finished mowing your grass, you will get tons of dead grass clippings to dispose of. But, you may be shocked to find out that dead grass clipping can give your lawn the nutrients that your soil needs. In fact, once you evenly redistribute the old all over your lawn, it will gradually decompose and it will give a rich nutrient supply to the soil underneath. Moreover, the old grass gives them enough shade to give your lawn a break from the sun’s scorching heat. 

Mow the lawn 

When it comes to mowing a lawn, you need to make sure that your blades are sharp and that they are set as high as possible. Maintaining the sharpness of your blades can prevent giving ragged cats but a more even cuts. Moreover, the taller your grass is, the more sunlight it will obtain. This enables the grass to give more nutrients to the underlying soil that helps to keep it healthy. On the contrary, shorter grass cannot soak in as much, which only causes your soil to be less productive compared to the long grass.  

Though it may be difficult to consider roots and soil when thinking about grass since it is so plentiful and green, the condition of your grass is determined by soil nutrients, and water just like any other plant. 

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