Tips for Choosing the Perfect Student Housing

A new student can often be faced with lots of important decisions to make when preparing for university life. The next big question on your list the place that you will live once you have picked where to study. 

 Student Housing


Good thing, you can ask assistance from Gannon student housing that will provide your with a nice accommodation at a reasonable price. To consider when deciding which student accommodation is perfect for you, there are numerous factors that you need to consider. To help you, here are some tips for choosing the perfect student housing. 

    Stay Connected 

Strong and reliable internet connection is the most important requirement recognized by students nowadays. If you prefer to study from the comfort of your own room, this is particularly important. It is essential since most of the student work involves the use of the internet. 


Location is another key factor that is highlighted by the students. When considering where to live, location is very important. It is really important to think about the convenience of your accommodation and ask yourself whether it is near your school or to the local shops wherein you can spend your free time. 

When factoring in transport costs, they may become quite expensive although properties are not in central location. It is essential to consider whether the place is prone to traffic since you will be going to school every day. 

    Safe and Sound 

Security of your apartment is the third one in the list. Amongst the excitement of starting university life is security which is a factor that can often be forgotten.  According to the students, the security of accommodation was really important. 

It is advisable that you do some research regarding the accommodation, such as security systems and if there are some security personnel that can provide you with extra security. 

    A Friendly Smile 

It is also essential that the staff in the place of your accommodation are friendly and approachable since you will be living with them. In making sure that you are comfortable and happy during your stay, the team at your accommodation will have an important role to play. 

To have a quick chat with them when you go to view a property or asking an existing tenant regarding their experience is a good idea. To how quickly you settle into your new accommodation, a friendly team can make a huge difference.  Do not forget to ask for their social calendar since the staff is the ones who will be arranging events and icebreakers. 

    Work, Rest, and Play 

A lot of students felt that communal facilities are a very important factor when you choosing accommodation. Places such as gym, common room, or cinema room is a great way to socialize and relieve stress. To ensure that the place is well maintained, it is crucial that you look all of the communal areas that your accommodation offers. 

    All About Experience 

Ensuring that your accommodation is composed of trusted and experienced organization is really important because by choosing it, you can be assured that you are safe. 

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